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Birkenshaw Kindergarten Pre-School Nursery is a full day childcare facility catering for 44 children between the ages of 0-5 years.  Birkenshaw Kindergarten Pre-School Nursery is situated in a private and modern purpose built extension to the owner’s home in Birkenshaw. It is conveniently situated just off the A58 Leeds to Halifax road and is ideally located for Leeds, Bradford and Wakefield in West Yorkshire.

Birkenshaw Kindergarten is set in its own grounds with a private entrance and drop off parking area. The large outdoor play area features interactive fencing, a sandpit and garden area for the children to grow their own flowers and herbs.  There is outdoor play apparatus and disabled access. The nursery provides a light and airy environment supported by friendly, warm, experienced and qualified staff.

We are registered with Ofsted and have a "Good" Ofsted rating.  We are a gold member of the National Day Nurseries Association.  We have a 5 Star ***** excellent rating awarded by Kirklees Environmental Health Inspectorate.  We hold the Kirklees Healthy Choice Gold Award for the high standards of our food hygiene and healthy options on our menus.

The location of the nursery is second to none with open views across farmland with a variety of animals for the children to see and learn about such as horses, donkeys, and alpacas.

Birkenshaw Kindergarten enjoys the reputation as one of high quality and has received many recommendations and testimonials.

Parents/Carers are informed of nursery events via a parent information board, letters, emails and through daily feedback and communication. Nursery planning and weekly /monthly activities that the children are involved in are displayed throughout the rooms. Parents of the youngest children are handed daily sheets when they collect their children at the end of the day.

Free places are available for 3 & 4 year olds and some 2 year olds subject to criteria.

Our Mission, Aims and Policy Statement

Birkenshaw Kindergarten Day Nursery aims to be the number 1 provider of choice for children, parents and carers within our geographical location through the delivery of quality care, education, learning and development, a homemade nutritious diet, professional staff development and training and effective teamwork. 

Every child has the right to good food, and this is part of our vision for the high quality childcare we provide at Birkenshaw Kindergarten. 

We aim to provide a high standard of friendly, professional quality care and Early Years education to raise standards into compulsory education.

We aim to provide a happy and secure environment for the children which encourages individual, physical, intellectual and social development. To offer varied opportunities for exploratory, constructive, imaginative, creative and energetic play.

To develop the important involvement of parents/carers in the settling in period and at all stages of development, to help eliminate any anxieties and worries and also encourage genuine partnership between nursery staff and parents/carers which will work to benefit the children.

To offer help and encouragement at every stage of development, to promote social awareness, self-confidence, independence and enable children to develop concentration and make their own choices through positive and confident attitudes.

To welcome children with special needs, identify and meet their individual requirements.

To promote awareness and respect in a multicultural society and encourage the development of caring co-operation.


About us

Thank you for your interest in Birkenshaw Kindergarten Pre-School Nursery.  Birkenshaw Kindergarten is a friendly, family run nursery and has been established since 1994. Since opening our nursery we have consistently maintained a high standard of quality early years care and education for all our children. We always strive to improve our services yet further. We are proud of our nursery standards of care and education and receive many parent recommendations and testimonials to that effect.  The setting has a homely and village feeling to it that children and parents find reassuring.

Birkenshaw Kindergarten Day Nursery is based in a single storey purpose built modern private property with easy accessibility and secure grounds. Our nursery has a large soft play area outside with outdoor play apparatus, a sand pit, garden, wet play area and a covered area to protect against the elements.

The outdoor play area looks out over farmland that has a number of interesting animals for the children to see and learn about such as horses, ponies, donkeys, alpacas and geese.  We work closely with families, always listening and remembering the focus of the family. A happy family – A happy child!

We operate an open door policy and all parents are welcome at any time during the day. We are proud of our nursery and look forward to welcoming you and your family to look around. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you require any additional information or if you would like to meet us. We hope to hear from you soon.

Here at Birkenshaw Kindergarten we cater for ages 3 months to 5 years

The baby room caters for fifteen children between 3 months and 2 years. Love and care is our first and foremost consideration in looking after our babies and children.

This room is for children aged between 2 years and 3 years. In this room the emphasis is on learning through play and having fun.

The emphasis for children aged 3 and over is learning, having fun and preparing children for school.

Personal, social and emotional
This involves helping the children to to form positive realtionships and highlights the importance of developing social skills and managing feelings, whilst understanding apporopiate behaviours and having confidence in their own abilities.

Physical Development
This covers children's developing physical control, mobility, awareness of space and manipulative skills. Positive views on healthy exercise and way of life will also be promoted.

Communication and language
The setting is "language rich" which gives children opportuntity to experience vocabulary through the environment and develop confidence to express theselves and communicate their needs. It also involves supporting children to have the confidence to speak in different situations and listen to others respectfully.

Expressive arts and design
This involves developing children's imagination through art, music, and imaginative play and by providing a wide range of materials, tools and instruments to express ideas and feelings in a creative way.

Children will be provided with a rich and varied range of experiences. We focus on practical activities, games and songs in which children can explore, enjoy, learn, practise and talk about their developing understanding. We believe that the greater the number of experiences stored away in the minds of the young child, the more secure the later abstractions.

Children will be encouraged to talk and hold conversations, to take turns and to listen to others. Hearing stories read to them also enriches the children's experience of language. Talking with children is one of the most valuable ways we can spend time with them, both as teachers and as parents.

The children will have extensive pre-reading experiences including the sharing in discussions of many delightful books. The children can not yet read the words, but they are learning all the time. Gradually children learn letter shapes and the sounds that go with them.  Letters and their sounds will be recognised, then whole words. This is a very complex process and should be supported with confidence building, praise and patience. 

Writing develops in a similar way. Children often 'write', it may look like scribble but don't discourage it. We encourage both reading and writing by the use of a stimulating language environment and a wide range of opportunities to support and encourage our children.

Understanding of the World
This covers the children's developing knowledge and understanding of their environment, their families and other people. Through this we aim to help the children become more aware of the world about them, both natural and man-made, observing changing patterns of the seasons, weather, similarities and differences in plants and animals etc. Opportunities will be provided to discover creatures, people, plants and objects in their natural environments and in real life situations.

Birkenshaw Kindergarten has a well qualified experienced management team.

Richard and June Bell - Nursery Owners

Richard and June both hold teacher qualifications and have many years experience of running their own private businesses, particularly in the pre-school day care sector.

Beverley Metcalfe - Business Management Consultant Beverley is an experienced Business Management Consultant and provides strategic and tactical input and support. Beverley has spent many years as a senior business manager in a number of disciplines in the private sector. She provides business expertise in relation to human resources, planning, continuous improvement, communications and operational management. She is always available to support the nursery manager, staff and parents/carers alike.

Catherine McDaid - Nursery Manager/Officer-in Charge

CatherineMy name is Catherine McDaid and I am the manager at Birkenshaw Kindergarten Club. I have been working with children since the age of 18. I gained a degree in psychology at university, specialising in advanced child development, childhood theorists and children with special educational needs. I then went on to gain my Early Years Professional Status and have completed modules included in my Masters in Early Years Education and Care.

Throughout this time I have been working with children in a variety of different settings. Within these settings I have been lucky enough to be given the opportunity to grow and develop my skills as a practitioner, gaining a vast amount of experience. Through my passion, hard work and commitment I have worked my way up from a voluntary nursery nurse to Nursery Manager.

I have worked with all ages of children and enjoy the challenges that working with different aged children bring but I especially love the early years’ age group and this has been my area of specialism for a number of years. Through my previous roles I have worked with diverse cultures and families with different needs and expectations, this has given me the tools to enable me to meet their different needs and make a real difference to children's lives.

One of my passions is to be able to offer high quality childcare for ALL children regardless of their status.

It is a real pleasure seeing children grow and develop into independent, confident individuals as they move onto school. 

I believe in the ethos of Birkenshaw Kindergarten and am fully committed to our mission statement of being the number one child care provider in the area. My role as a Nursery Manager enables me to ensure that the children who use our setting are receiving the very best.

Birkenshaw Kindergarten has an ethos that children come first and are always striving to improve what we already do well, with a wonderful working environment that is welcoming and settling for children. Children grow and develop in small groups in a fun and safe environment, making learning fun, developing children to be confident and independent and ready for school.

I like to think I inspire my team of Children's Practitioners to be passionate and proud of the work that we do, and encourage new families to make that brave first step of bringing their children to nursery for the first time to start the education of their children.

Staff in the Nursery
Our staff team are chosen not only for their qualifications but also for their experiences in, and approach to childcare.

80% of our Children's Practitioners are qualified to Level 3 status with lots of experience to offer in caring for young children.  Our Children's Practitioners all have experience in caring for young children and work as part of a team under the guidance of senior staff. All staff cater for children's individual needs and each child is assigned a Key Worker who completes documentation . This provides parents with a particular person they can relate to.

We have an experienced Cook who cooks all the homemade food on the premises each day, also taking into consideration special dietary requirements. We also employ an experienced domestic housekeeper who is dedicated to ensuring the nursery is a clean environment for children.

The staff team are all given an induction period and in-house training and attend a variety of external training courses to develop their own standards and knowledge. 

Staffing Ratios

0-2 years 1:3

2-3 years 1:4

3-5 years 1:8

We have a 5 Star ***** excellent rating awarded by Kirklees Environmental Health Inspectorate.  We hold the Kirklees Healthy Choice Gold Award for the high standards of our food hygiene and healthy options on our menus.  The Gold standard is based on the high percentage of homemade food and the balanced and varied options including a good quantity of foods from each of the main food groups for under 5’s.

The Government and the N.H.S. are encouraging families to eat five portions of fruits and vegetables each day. We follow these guidelines when compiling our Menus and children are offered a selection of fresh fruit every day. Fruit and vegetables are key to a healthier lifestyle and we promote a healthy eating lifestyle in our nursery. We also encourage physical exercise and help children learn that exercise is fun by providing a range of stimulating individual and group activities in both the indoor and outdoor environment.



Free choice of cereals

Morning Snack:

Oranges and kiwi


Corned beef hash and sweetcorn

Tea Snack:

Chicken pitta with salad

Fresh fruit



Free choice of cereals

Morning Snack:

Breadsticks and soft cheese


Salmon and cod pie with peas and cauliflower

Apple upside down cake with custard

Tea Snack:

Tortilla wraps with salad and houmous

Fresh fruit



Free choice of cereals

Morning Snack:

Banana and apples


Chinese chicken and noodles with prawn crackers

Ice cream wafer

Tea Snack:

Egg mayonnaise sandwiches with salad sticks

Fresh fruit



Free choice of cereals

Morning Snack:

Melon and grapes


Cottage pie, sweetcorn, broccoli and gravy


Tea Snack:

Fruit bread with cheese

Fresh fruit



Free choice of cereals

Morning Snack:

Pears and oranges


Vegetable sardine pasta bake

Raisin cake and custard

Tea Snack:

Ham sandwiches with cubed cheese

Fresh fruit


An Enviable Reputation

Birkenshaw Kindergarten enjoys the reputation as one of high quality and has received many recommendations and testimonials. Parents/Carers are informed of nursery events via a parent information board, letters, newsletters and through daily feedback and communication. Nursery planning and weekly/monthly activities that the children are involved in are displayed throughout the rooms.

Parents of the youngest children are handed daily sheets when they collect their children at the end of the day. Free places are available for 3 & 4 year olds and some 2 year olds subject to criteria.



Protecting your little ones

Security is high on our list of priorities, the property is protected by CCTV cameras, allowing the staff within the building to monitor the comings and goings of persons entering and leaving the building.

It is our aim Birkenshaw Kindergarten to provide the highest quality of care and as such, are always striving to further improve the high standards within the nursery.

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